Super Mario Sneakers custom video game

MMSD Shoes Reviewed by DeJesus Custom Footwear

OMG! The excitement is real.

For those who are up on game, DeJesus Custom Footwear is one of the elite customizing companies in the biz. They set the groundwork for technical skill and Dillon DeJesus shares his knowledge with the world on his Youtube channel weekly. 

In October DeJesus launched his annual Video Game Shoe Contest on Instagram. There is a small cash prize for the winner, but that wasn’t really our goal. For MMSD being so young, we really wanted to make an impact and deliver the goods. We want the recognition from the field’s pioneer. 

Here are the MMSD Video Game Contest entries

Super Mario Sneakers Puma custom painted shoes shoe art video game
Super Mario Sneakers custom video game
Super Mario Sneakers custom video game
Super Mario Sneakers custom video game

We also put together a video for each shoe’s entry. Watch the video for Reggie’s old school pair below:

And then...

DeJesus Custom Footwear posted a Youtube video with a review of each shoe! the video itself is over an hour long because there were so many entries, but below is a snippet of the MMSD reviews. If you want to watch the full video, click here.

He LOVED some of the elements in our shoes and the technical approach. We are super excited about this review and had to share it. Dillon has such a large platform and we are thankful for the opportunity that he opened up for customizers. Thanks, Dillon!

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