Matching sneakers Car wrap air force 1

Car Wrap Sneakers for Atlanta Street Xecs

We recently had the opportunity to collab with a couple heavy hitters in the Atlanta car club scene to work on some car wrap sneakers. These guys are serious about their Mopar cars so we took some time to design the perfect custom shoe for them.


First up was Swaggpack Shaq from the Atlanta Street Xecs with his Dodge Charger Scat and bright blue marble wrap from Atlanta Car Wraps. You’ve probably seen it riding around the streets of Atlanta.

Matching car wrap sneakers air force 1s

Shaq wanted show shoes to match his car and specifically requested Air Force 1s with his logo on them. Using a combination of airbrushing and hand painting, Reggie made some incredible heat that we’re both very proud of. The match to the wrap could not have been better. They look like they were made together! 

Take a look at the custom shoes below.

Matching sneakers Car wrap air force 1
Matching sneakers Car wrap air force 1


What’s Next?

With these under our belt we are ready to take on some more work for the rest of the crew. Check back soon to see the results of our collab with Atlanta’s own Bled392!

If you want to order your own sneakers to match your car wrap, send us a message or slide in our IG DMs! Be sure to follow us too.

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